Asia has a wide range of countries, nightlife, restaurants, places of interest due to its historical diversity and varied cultures. From developed countries like China and Japan to developing countries like Vietnam, India, Burma, Uzbekistan, etc, Asia is a place where a visitor can experience many different cultures and countries, each having its own history, background, language and unique values The first thing for a person who plans to visit Asia is to decide on which country or countries he wants to see. This is because Asia has lots of counties to see and the visitor should try to cover few at a time.

A visitor to any Asian country should familiarize himself with the customs, culture, and places of interest present at their wished-for destination. He should carry plenty of credit cards, differing denominations of cash, and other forms of monetary resources. A visitor to Asia will come across plenty of nightspots, museums, other historical venues of renown. Each country within the continent of Asia promises the traveler, a pleasant, relaxing, and luxurious experience. A visitor will be amazed at the quality of the culinary delights available, the promptness of service, and the authenticity of the dishes presented in Asian restaurants.

In addition to the superb and incalculably delicious food served by many of the Asian restaurants, those of who plan to become guests of Asia can look forward to enjoying on their trips, the exotic and breathtaking landscape of various Asian countries. The beautiful bays, impeccable and unspoiled view of the oceans, ceaseless deserts, winding rivers, tropical flora and fauna, and snow capped mountains which dot the land within Asia are the sights which are unparalleled by anything. A visitor to Asia will have the opportunity to see them all in real.

Besides lovely sceneries and exotic, nutritious dishes, another striking characteristic that all Asian countries have are the places which the visitors come to see for their historical value. Places like the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, ancient palaces, and residences belonging to long dead kings are the locations, a vast number of people visit not to gain thrill, but for the thrill of being at such locations which have such strong ties with the past .Asia is thus an amazing and remarkable continent to visit. It promises scenic beauty along with multiplicity of cultures and historical diversity.

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