The Kaget island was a small island that was located on the middle of Barito River, +/- 1,5 hours with the small boat (kelotok) and 1 hour with used speedboat if departed from centre of the city (Banjarmasin). It's was the place of conservation for Bekantan, the monkey that had the long tail and various birds.

Bekantan was the very shy monkey. It's was the unique fauna and made the Banjarmasin City mascot. If you wanna visiting this island, maybe you can go at 17.00 s/d 18.00 cause at this time, Bekantan and the monkey that had the long tail will go out to looked for food.


  1. Nina Rezki Amelia // March 1, 2009 at 12:22 PM  

    Although I am a banjarese, I never visit "flower island". wahaha....